Assistive Medication Management System for Users with Visual Impairment


Medication management is a complex process and is taken into account of daily activities. Moreover, participation in daily activities could define the wellbeing. On the other hand, the medication management process for visually impaired individuals is more difficult. Nowadays, the technologies like mHealth and RFID, have caused a significant progress in both areas of medication management systems and visually impaired Independent Living. Therefore the aim of this work was to develop an assistive medication management system for visually impaired people in order to improve the medication adherence among them. The development process started by requirements extraction according to goal directed design methodology introduced by Cooper. Then the system, called MedVision was developed, consisting of an android mobile application, RFID device and a medication box with vibration motors and it is developed for Iranian visually impaired individuals in Persian language. At the final step of this study, a functional assessment was performed in order to improve the system even more in next prototypes.

In Studies in health technology and informatics, 249, 53-60, 2018
Iman Nematollahi
Iman Nematollahi
PhD Student in Robot Learning

My research interests include robot learning, intuitive physics and self-supervised learning.